Feniex Industries / 2018

Welcome to the
Feniex Certified Installer Network

Feniex Connects installers with customers.

The Mission

Our mission is
Connect & Grow Industry Leading Distributers and Installers

The Feniex Certified Installer Network is the first of it’s kind. Our goal is to connect businesses and their customers to create a one of a kind experience, resulting in a flawless Feniex Installation.
Light Bar Installs
Siren Installs
Full Vehicle Builds
Stealth Builds
Feniex Purchase
01 - Feniex Purchase

Installer Network Searched

Feniex customers will find and connect with local installers based on zip code.

02 - Installer Hand Off

Customer Is Connected to Installer

Install partners will be notified and connected directly with Feniex customers.

Intsaller Turn Around
03 - Vehicle Drop Off

Install Begins

The customer's vehicle(s) are dropped off or picked up. As part of their commitment to great service, the FCI communicates regularly throughout the service.

04 - Service Complete

Vehicle Tested, Returned

Customer is notified of the successful completion of their installation, and vehicle is delivered or picked up.

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